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New! Diamond Ultra-Compression Du-Rag

NEW!! We have been working on an ultimate compression du-rag for over six years. We wanted something comparable to the effectiveness and style of the CQP brush — worthy of the CQP name — to create deep, connected, wave formations expediantly. With much study and effort, we bring you the Diamond Ultra-Compression Du-Rag. The stocking lining conforms to the head, compressing the hair while the diamond pattern locks it into place resulting in deep, shiny, more uniform waves.
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360 Gold Crown Brush

The New and Amazing 360 GOLD's patented curved design contours to your head allowing more of its extra long bristles to remain in contact with your hair; resulting in deep, continuous, natural waves with far less brushing. With one use you will see and feel the difference, good for all hair textures. Four rich colors to choose from. High gloss finish.
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360 Gold Caesar Brush

The 360 GOLD Caesar's compact size and extended side grips fits in the palm of your hand, making it suitable for grooming on the go. Four rich colors to choose from. High gloss finish.
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NEW! Medium-Hard Premium Caesar

Mahogany Crown Brush

These brushes are made with the finest hardwood on the market. Features a new varnish finish, natural wood grain and larger logo. Available in Golden Oak and Cherrywood.


"The brush far exceeded even our own expectations!" — C.E.O.


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